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Community Services

Community Services offers a range of services including Family Support Services, the Individual Supports Day Program, Community Living, and Life Skills.

Family Support Services

Unlimited Opportunities, Inc.’s Family Support Services uses a family centered approach to provide services to children with special needs, from age three through high school graduation.

Our services include:

  • Behavior management support

  • Community skills

  • Enhancements of physical, occupational, and speech therapies

  • Family education

  • Play groups

  • Respite care

  • Tutoring

Each family is involved in developing the child’s plan and evaluating the support services used. For more information call Brandon Wilson at (660) 882-5576 , ext. 2109.

Individual Support Day Program

The Individual Support Day Program is a day habilitation program that provides supports and services for adults with developmental disabilities. This includes community inclusion activities, volunteer opportunities, and assistance with daily living tasks.

Activities and support are structured to meet specific individual needs, and focus on engagement, independence, and choice. For further information, contact the ISP Manager at (660) 882-5576, ext. 3204.

Community Living

UOI offers group homes and Independent Supported Living (ISL) for individuals with developmental disabilities. A variety of services are implemented to maximize clients’ independence in daily living skills, personal health and safety, socialization, communication, recreation, and skills exploration.

UOI Residential Locations in Boonville:

Carla House, Grayling House, Shepard House, Harmony House, Cooper House, Chateau House, and Weyland House - ISL homes

Hillcrest House: A group home which serves 8 individuals

Pioneer House: A 5-person group home

Village Green Apartments: A semi-independent, supported living apartment program which serves 10 individuals with developmental and physical disabilities.



Carla House: Established in January 1997, Manager: Sheila Abey

Chateau House: Established in February 2016, Manager: Linsey Cowans

Cooper House: Established in July 2015, Manager: Lindsey Cowans

Grayling House: Established in December 1993, Manager: Sheila Abey

Harmony House: Established in May 2012, Manager: Nicole Battreal

Hillcrest House: Established in June 1991, Manager: Tori Young

Pioneer House: Established in Decemeber 1993, Manager: Linsey Cowans

Shepard House: Established in July 2003, Manager: Nicole Battreal

Village Green Apartments: Established in July 1991, Manager: Terrie Wright

Weyland House: Established in Decemeber 1992, Manager: Linsey Cowans



Life Skills

This program is for individuals with disabilities who live in the community. Life skills staff provide a range of supports to help the individual lead a more independent, healthy, and successful life.

For Further Information, Call Us Today by Contacting Cara Johnson, Director of Community Services, at (660) 882-5576, Ext. 2105.

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