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Part of the umbrella of companies under Unlimited Opportunities, Inc., Boonslick Industries, Incorporated opened in the old Archway Cookie Factory in downtown Boonville, MO on December 13, 1976 to provide employment for 17 men and women with disabilities.

In 1982, with the passage of Missouri Senate Bill 40, the Cooper County Board of Sheltered Services (CCBSS) was formed to administer tax revenue assessment and collection to provide services for persons with developmental disabilities.

The number of people participating in BII employment continued to grow until a larger facility became necessary. In 1983, the property and building at 1620 W. Ashley Road was purchased and became the employment center for individuals with disabilities in Cooper County.

As time passed, the need for supported housing became apparent. BII was not qualified to administer and provide housing services, so in 1990 Boonslick Residential Services (BRS) was formed.

Construction began on two HUD facilities, Village Green Apartments and Hillcrest House.

In 1991, Unlimited Opportunities, Inc. was formed to administer and manage Boonslick Industries, Inc., Boonslick Residential Services, Inc. and other programs that provide comprehensive services to people with disabilities in Cooper and Howard Counties. Village Green Apartments and Hillcrest House opened that same year.

Boonslick Industries retains its distinct identity while holding a pivotal role in the UOI operations. The BII Extended Employment Center provides job training and employment in the BII Recycling Center, Savvy Seconds-The Unlimited Resale Store, and the I-70 Rest Areas at Boonville.

Boonslick Industries retains its distinct identity while holding a pivotal role in the UOI operations. The BII Extended Employment Center provides job training and employment in the BII Recycling Center, Savvy Seconds-The Unlimited Resale Store, and the I-70 Rest Areas at Boonville.

Annual Diversion Tracker

2014 Diversion: 3,145,112 lbs

2015 Diversion: 3,248,635 lbs

2016 Diversion: 3,839,365 lbs

2017 Diversion: 3,525,323 lbs

2018 Diversion: 3,494,936 lbs

2019 Diversion: 3,510,503 lbs

2020 Diversion: 3,118,092 lbs

2021 Diversion: 3,274,343 lbs

About Boonslick Industries Recycling Center

Boonslick Industries, Inc. is an extended employment center providing jobs and job training for more than 50 men and women with disabilities. BII has been operating in a rebuilt facility since October 2014. BII has two horizontal balers, three vertical balers, a metal densifier, a comingled container sort line, and a plastic perforator on the production floor. In addition to the production floor, BII has a paper sorting room where our staff separates the incoming paper into three distinct grades to maximize the revenue.

Community Drop-off Programs

BII offers convenient drop-off recycling service at our facility at 1620 W. Ashley.

Materials Accepted:

  • #1 & #2 plastic bottles

  • Aluminum cans

  • Cardboard

  • Glass bottles

  • Junk mail

  • Mixed paper

  • Newspaper

  • Steel food cans

Wastes Not Accepted

  • ABS plastics

  • Aluminum or glass that was not a food container

  • Electronic waste

  • Guttering

  • Household hazardous chemicals

  • Plastic

  • Plastic bags or film

  • Siding

  • Steel

  • Styrofoam packing

  • Windows

BII partners with several local communities and offers community drop-off locations in the following cities:

*zoom in on the Green Location Pins on the Above Map to See Actual Location*

  • Arrow Rock, MO

  • Jamestown, MO

  • Prairie Home, MO

  • California, MO

  • Pilot Grove, MO

  • Salisbury, MO

Route Collection

BII operates two compactor trucks collecting cardboard from commercial customers on eight routes. Additionally in June 2014, BII began operating separate collection routes for commercial roll carts filled with waste paper and mixed food containers. Removing these products from our compactor routes greatly improved the quality of the materials collected and reduced the antiquated hand-sort process, making the entire process more efficient. BII currently has five of these roll cart routes and continues to expand this service.

BII provides collection to approximately 25 school districts or private schools, including Boonville, Fayette, New Franklin, Slater, Morgan Co R-1 and R-II and Columbia. BII provides service to approximately 250 other businesses, and city, county, state, or federal agencies in Cooper, Howard, Morgan, Moniteau, Saline, Boone, and Chariton counties.

We Cannot Accept the Following Recyclables

  • Computers, monitors, satellite dish items

  • Large appliances such as washers, dryers, or refrigerators

  • Mattresses and/or box springs

  • TV’s, VCR’s, DVD Players, microwaves, or electronics

  • Children’s strollers, beds, walkers, car seats and highchairs

For more information on our store, please contact Geoff Shackelford at 660-882-5576 or send him an email at     

Rest Area Maintenance

Boonslick Industries has a contract through Roy Jorgensen Associates, Inc to maintain the rest areas along Interstate 70, east of Boonville. We have been performing this work 365 days per year for more than 20 years.

                                      Hours of Maintenance

                         November - March                      6:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

                         April - October                             7:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

BII Day Program

BII Day Program offers the opportunity for individuals to develop work skills by working on a part time basis in the extended employment center.  BII Day Program also offers a variety of community activities and learning activities. The hours for the BII Day Program are 8:00 AM to 2:30 PM Monday through Friday.  BII Day Program helps individuals identify activities of interest and teach new skills.

Some examples include:

  • Communication/socialization skills such as keeping in touch with family and friends, encouraging group participation, developing friendships, problem solving skills and learning socially appropriate ways to communicate with peers and while in the community. BII Day Program also encourages individuals to make their own choices and then learn how to deal with the consequences of those choices.

  • Domestic Skills such as cooking, basic cleaning and safety skills in the kitchen.

  • Money Skills such as purchasing items in the community or from a vending machine or coin identification.

  • Self-help Skills such as learning about how to make healthier choices, grooming and hygiene, and identifying and encouraging exercise activities of interest.

  • Leisure and Recreation opportunities include arts and crafts, playing a variety of games, physical exercise such as going to the YMCA or walks, volunteer activities and Community Outings. BII Day Program goes to places such as art museums, auto shows/museums, the Columbia Mall, out to eat or to a state or local fair to name a few.

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